Luau in the Graveyard

by Black Flamingo

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Recorded December 2010


released December 2, 2011

recorded by Family of the Year
mixed and mastered by Alex Possell




Black Flamingo Los Angeles, California

Black Flamingo is a six-piece from East Los Angeles that has achieved a "gothereal Mama's and the Papas" style sound, with four part harmonies, washed-out epic guitars and an undeniable rhythm section.

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Track Name: black heart
he comes to her at the latest hour
baring gifts of fresh flowers
and chocolate that melts on the fire of her tongue.
she's sick again, her lips burn like paper
darling don't think you can save her
she's got a beautiful demon, livin inside
inside that black black heart

she was once an empress you see
but now she's fallen from grace
to come be one of us
so hold her close, as night time drifts into the land
the inky darkness that surrounds
dares not step inside
inside that black black heart
Track Name: Proud Head
i'll wait for you
til the sun hits the horizon
i'll wait for you
till the moon begins to shine
but if night time falls
and i am still without you
then darling dear, i'll know our love is untrue

said you'd be the one
to change my mind
but it turns out
i'm not the changing kind
and i don't know much about anything
i don't know much about anything at all

don't wait up, cause i'm not coming home to you

proud head i don't know i'm doing
i don't know what i'm saying
watch as everything falls apart
stubborn i'll spend my whole life waiting
i'll spend my whole life trying
to blame the other side
Track Name: Golden Girl
she calls my name in silver tongues
but i am faraway
laying on my bed i watch the ceiling turn from blue to gray
whisper in my ear make me an offer i cannot refuse
searching for the words inside this haze, inside this haze

your'e my golden girl
together we'll rule the world

walk down first avenue,
the rain is cold, but i am numb
try to hail a cab but all the streets
they just run through and through me
i pick up a book abandoned on the corner, by the deli

golden girl, gonna love you til im blue.